Thur 2 Blue/green bins collection

Sat 4 9am-2pm Farmers' Market, Southam

Sun 5 10am Holy Communion

Mon 6 PCC meeting, Village Hall

Tue 7 Parish Council meeting, V.Hall

Thur 9 Grey bin collection

Sat 11 10am-6pm Ride + Stride 2010

Sun 12 10am Morning Worship

Thur 16 Blue/green bins collection

Sun 19 6.30pm Joint Service, St James, Southam

Mon 20 9:30-9:50am Mobile Library, Ufton Fields

Tue 21 12.45-1.45pm Lunchbreak at Balliol', Ufton Fields

Thur 23 Grey bin collection

Fri 24 Ufton News deadline for October

Sat 25 8:30am Men's Breakfast, Village Hall

9am-2pm Farmers' Market, L/Spa

Sun 26 10am Joint Service, St James, Southam

Thur 30 Blue/green bins collection


Sat 2 Harvest decorating-Church

Sun 3 5pm Harvest Festival, Church

Tue 5 8.15pm Parish Council, V.Hall

Sat 9 Harvest Supper, Village Hall

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